AcroPopShop Events

As a duo, Courtney and Jon teach workshops based on the progressions they built together in order to bring the intricacy of Icarian acrobatics to the AcroYoga world. These skills are called AcroPops - and they are made approachable by training using these detailed steps to build a clean and successful AcroPop that you may never have thought possible!

Below are confirmed and potential events where these AcroPopShops will be held!

If you see a TBD in your city and are interested in hosting this workshop, please connect with us!
  1. 1st
    AcroLove Festival - San Diego, CA
    11:15am - Icarian Pops & 4:00pm #AcroMixTape
    11:15am - 12:30pm - Icarian Pops - Through spotting & progressions, you’ll learn how to throw, catch & fly full-release tricks, working up to 360 plank pops, and throne to reverse star . You’ll walk away with all the tools needed to not only nail the trick, but also approach the entire practice, including falling & self spotting, with safety, fun & awareness. 4:00pm - 5:30pm - #AcroMixTape - Mix it up and spin through multiple level changes and poses featuring hits like: hand to hand, 180 pops & fancy footwork. A one-of-a-kind unique machine to the challenge your practice, while having fun. This machine will keep flyers feeling like you’re in a whirl-wind, all while mixing it up quite a bit for the base too.
  2. 19th
    AcroPopShop - Dallas, TX
    12pm - 4pm - One Day Special Workshop
    12pm - 1:30pm - Pop Fly - Pop basics and bridging the transition from AcroYoga into AcroPops and Icarian. Regardless of your background in pops, this part of the workshop will cover the proper technique for safe & successful pops. 2pm - 3:30pm - Pop Machines - Building progressions into completed AcroPop sequences that are accessible to both beginner and advanced levels after completing the Pop Fly session! 3:30pm - 4pm - Pop Wrap - Spend a little more time working with the material learned, as well as questions for Jon & Courtney about other AcroPop skills you are training with your partner.
  3. TBA
    AcroLove Festival - San Diego, CA
    Details to come when AcroLove announces official dates & schedules!
  4. TBA
    DivinePlay - Portland, OR
    Details to come when DivinePlay announces official dates & schedules!